Thursday, 5 November 2009

Rachel Adedeji unhappy that X-Factor doesn't focus on talent.

Rachel Adedeji is not happy, and she's letting the country know. She's expressed her frustration with X-Factor increasingly focusing on things other than talent. Speaking to Welsh radio station Red Dragon FM, she said: "I don't know if X Factor is about talent anymore to be honest - seriously."

She was speaking after being evicted from the show after losing out to Lloyd Daniels in the sing-off last weekend. She however conceded that the that being a good singer is not what motivates all contestants.

Talking about controversial twins John and Edward Grimes, she added: "They don't have to be good singers, what the hell. Listen, they enjoy what they do and they want to be popstars."

Rachel biggest praise was reserved for her best mate on the show, Joe McElderry, saying: "He's my favourite. Week after week he's proper going for it. He just wants to do this and is one of the most positive people in the house. I love Joe."

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