Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Did Rachel fail to get votes because she is black?

The Guardian's correspondent Deborah Orr touches (ever so lightly) on this senstive on Rachels shock elimination.

Which brings me to The X Factor. I just don't understand how fabulous Rachel managed to get herself into the bottom two for three weeks out of four, or quite how she managed to get kicked out last Sunday instead of that weedy, croaky, blue-eyed blond, Lloyd.

I'm afraid that a part of me wonders whether we prefer our black entertainers to be a bit more "street" than Rachel was, or even whether, after Leona, Alexandra and JLS, the public yearns for some white success – now guaranteed, unless Danyl spectacularly turns round his negative public profile.

But since nobody else seems to have such nasty suspicions, I can only presume that I am indeed far too hung up on skin colour. Must try harder

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