Friday, 30 October 2009

Did Rachel "win" last weeks show?

This week has been topsy-turvy, first the news broke that the twins, yes John and Edward, of all people had received the most votes.

Needless to say this revelation sent shock waves through X-Factor fan-dom, as people struggled to come to terms with the thought that the Twins could actually go on and win it all.

However their fears were calmed when later in the week a newspaper claimed the the initial leak was fake and they had the real vote tally and remarkably Rachel Adedeji topped the poll. Remarkable as Rachel had been in the bottom two for the last two weeks (undeservedly in my opinion) .

According to the newspapers source Rachel topped the poll, with the twins escaping the bottom two by 0.5%. The report also claims that John and Edward have been in the bottom four every week so far.

A source is quoted as saying: "This is going to blow the whole competition wide open now."

"People were actually starting to believe that the twins were going to win. But now it seems their days are well and truly numbered. They could even be out this week."

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